Senin, 30 September 2013


So, they probably have some issues for not releasing this songs.
But who cares?
I'll give you guys their first studio. Well, maybe some of you already had them by the way.
Let's hear it guys.

Download songs click here.

Rabu, 19 Juni 2013

Upcoming ROMANTIC ROMEO Animated Clip "ROMI & JULI"

We just have a nice chat with Fariant To Die, and we talked about making a project, which is a video clip for his pop punk band called Romantic Romeo, for the song "Romi & Juli" which is going to be an animated clip. And probably we'll going to combine it with their live perform or so. So we think it's gonna be an awesome project for us both, hopefully. Because this is also gonna be the first time we make an animated music video. I hope it comes to realization soon. We surely have a much free time for next month. And we just can't wait to start. So, keep in touch, we'll update the progress daily.
Oi and Cheers !!

For their facebook page : 

Selasa, 18 Oktober 2011

Hell yes!!
We have confirmation from THE SINNERS that they actually look for label to release the new album. We'll be ready to release their CD by the end of this year.
So, take a look around, get ready to hear their songs !!

Jumat, 19 Agustus 2011


Drugs user-Punk Junkie, we give you.. ADDICT BASTARD !!
Originally formed in 2008, this band first named was Fallen Government. After Sodox (The Socks) asked to join this band after release from prison, he change the name to Addict Bastard, cause he thought that this name would represent to the band better. After recorded 6 songs and release their debut E.P "Life Is A Rebel" and performed in several punk/hc gigs, this band claimed vacuum in 2010 due to Sodox's conflict with the law of drugs possesion. He is currently doing his time. We always wait for the release once again for him to reform the band and continue the existance in the scene. Fuck Drugs Law !!

Download songs click here.

Selasa, 16 Agustus 2011


.. kamilah tim inti JACKPOT RECORDS tahun ini ..
.. semoga tetap kompak dan sukses, walau tidak selalu tapi tetap berusaha utk lebih baik lagi... Amen.

kiri-kanan: Baron Delano, Dhani Mulyono, Thamrin Olenx, Abraham Kristian, Thinx Bone Head.


BRANDAL !! Who doesn't know this thrash/metal/crossover punk rock band in Surabaya.
They proved to be one of the best brutal punk with the influence by The Exploited and Total Chaos. Already have their first full album recorded 10 songs at Natural Studio. Unfortunatedly, the frontman Singgih (bass) is currently doing his time due to drugs possesion, and replace additionally with Agoy. Their album "For Hero City Punk" is soon going to release by us on CD. Merch is always sold out!! We plan also to handle this band fully from management to recording. Hopefully everything went well in the future. They will also open for Jeruji on October 1st this year, and many gigs already have'em booked.
Check their Facebook page here.


BURNING is first sign up with us for recording 5 songs for their EP Sick Of Army back then n 2008. Their music is pure street punkrock from Gang Setan Crew, Surabaya. They already have video clip taken by us with their song "Sick Of Army" which is a compilation of their live performance. Their future with us will fortunatedly stay longer, although their line up and musical is more aggresive than before.
You can visit their page in Facebook by clicking this link.